• The IMH process starts with the submission of a letter of intent. Please see below for specific guidelines.
  • The applicant will receive notification regarding whether or not the Board requests a full proposal. Applicants can expect to receive a response after the deadline for L.O.I. submission.
  • If a full proposal is requested, the applicant will have approximately one month to submit a full proposal by the deadline announced for that grant cycle.
  • After the full proposal is received, the applicant may participate in an interview with IMH Board Members. Interviews are by invitation only.
  • A final decision from the Board of Directors will be communicated to the applicant following the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

Note: Guidelines will be available to those applicants who are invited to submit full proposals. At any point, feel free to call IMH at 504-566-1852 to discuss your program ideas or to ask questions.


Letters of Intent
Applications Online

 June 4, 2018

Letters of Intent 
Applications Due

June 20, 2018

Letters of Intent
All Applicants Notified of Approval/Denial

June 29, 2018

(By Invitation Only)
Applications Online

June 29, 2018

Proposals Due

July  20, 2018

**First-round denials will take place shortly after**

Applicant Interviews
(By Invitation Only)

August 2018
Dates TBD

Board Final Decision

August 23, 2018

All Applicants Notified of Approval/Denial

August 27, 2018

Please Note: IMH is now requiring that all Letters of Intent and all Full Proposals be submitted online via a link to our new application system. This new system is designed to be user-friendly and will streamline the application process. The Letter of Intent for the second cycle of 2018 will be available on Monday, June 4, 2018.  


For our online application, click HERE and click “Create New Account” or login. At this point, you will be able to access the Letter of Intent application. If you are invited to submit a full proposal in the future, you will be cleared to login to the full application process.

For LOIs on-line, you will be asked to address the following points:

  • In one sentence, describe the purpose for which you are seeking funding.
  • Provide a brief description of the proposed program activities.
  • Provide the following details regarding the proposed program activities:
    • Population to be served
    • Anticipated outcomes
    • Duration of the program
    • Estimated amount of request
  • Is it anticipated that this program will be self-sustaining at the end of the duration of the requested grant?


  • IMH funding is limited to programs in Orleans Parish.
  • IMH does not fund capital projects.
  • IMH does not fund individuals.